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Give your child the best possible start with “morals”

I was upstairs today and I could hear the joys of my grandaughter with her mum chatting to grandad.All of a sudden it was like worldwar one.
mum shouting, little girl in tears why all because she was not doing as she was told by her mum or her grandad she is 4 years old.
Result I ended up going down to sort it all out. a child ended up in tears, then when I came down she still had to tidy up then she had to give both mum and grandad an apology and a big hug all round.
its times like these that give me inspiration for this weeks topics to encourage mums and dads and families with the care of babies and children.
As parents its important to instill good morals in your children right from the start.As a toddler if they throw things or are a “biter”.teaching them what is good behaviour and what is not good.By being consistant with important issues such as what is right and wrong.
Teaching good Manners at the table saying please and thankyou should not only stem from the children but from ourselves leading them by example and so on. If a child only ever hears negativity then wont they grow up to do the same. A child likes to be the centre of attention and often to get it from mum by being naughty even if the parent smacks them they are getting a responce. it is much better to praise a child for good behaviour give them hugs love, kisses to show you are pleased with them than to be shouted at constantly.
A parent struggling to cope with disruptive behaviour by giving in and saying “oh do what you want”, is not the right answer.Follow it through with a concequence ie “you will not go to the park if you keep kicking the door”.Sometimes its is so easy to give in just to get a peacful 5 mins.
Therefore your child will run you into the ground, its like they are in control not you but lets face it its youre that is the parent stand firm they look to you for stability.later on as your child gets older you will find it more difficult to handle them and he or she can turn into an uncontrolable juvenile delinquent.
(A person who neglects or fails to do what law or duty requires).It is much better to be firm with a toddler and preschooler and to have a well behaved child which you can look after than one which is out of control because ground rules wern’t in place from the start. for more free information on children’s behaviour why not visit our main website at


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