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Does MRSA kill premature babies?

first let me tell you what MRSA is
MRSA can be difficult to treat and can need along
stay in hospital to recover. In some cases, it can lead to serious
health problems such as blood poisoning and infection
in the lungs, bones or heart valve. A small number of
people die from the effects of MRSA.

Unfortunately, rates of MRSA in the UK are among the
highest in Europe and so it is important to understand how
MRSA is passed on and what can be done to prevent it.
an indepth resourse site on mrsa can be found hereTreatment…If you are infected with MRSA, further tests will be carried
out to decide the best course of treatment. There are many
different strains of MRSA, with varying degrees of resistance
to antibiotics. Serious infections will be treated with one of the
few broad-spectrum antibiotics that are still effective against
MRSA. These drugs can have severe side effects and so you
will usually need to stay in hospital while you are treated.
Patients infected with MRSA are often isolated to reduce the
risk of spreading the infection to other patients.
How is it transfered from patient to patient ?
mainly via hands, cross contamination,But the vast majority of MRSA infections occur in hospital.
There are a number of reasons for this:

People who are ill or weakened as a result of surgery
or medical treatment are more vulnerable to infection.

In hospital, there are usually plenty of opportunities
for MRSA to enter the body, e.g. via wounds, surgical
scars or through the use of equipment such as catheters
or intravenous drips. MRSA may develop in open wounds
and is easily spread from one wound to another.

Hospital wards are often fairly crowded and unless staff
and patients take adequate precautions, MRSA can be
transferred from one patient to the next.
Are premature babies at risk ?
yes particulary so due to a weakend immune system,tiny babies can be very weak babies needing life support just to get by,They can catch MRSA as they are very vunerable indeed..News update St marys hospital In manchester efffected by MRSA Neonatal wards closed you baby may transfered to a different hospital until the infection is under control.
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2 thoughts on “Does MRSA kill premature babies?

  1. My baby contracted MRSA just 2 weeks after being born. She almost died from it. Since contracting MRSA she was moved to a NICU isolation room for the remainder of her stay. I must state that the hospital could have further prevented this staff from happening if they would have used gloves and protective clothing when knowing they are handleing a baby born in her 26th week. Please know that they did everything to save her, however, the long term care is definiately more than you can bare. She ios still in the hospital and our highest hopes of her coming home are all that is dwelled upon. Good luck readers. You will need it…….

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