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where to buy all you need summer premature baby clothes

well babies come when they are ready and if its in this heat in the uk how can you keep your premature baby cool in the hot weather. Your premature baby may need to come home earlier than expected so you will not need a thick snowsuit to put on your tiny baby will you.Cheeky Chums range for tiny babies is just getting even better by the day. After scouring the world cheeky chums have managed to stock not just ordinary no frills products in those hard to find premature baby sizes but if you need a certain type of hat for instance in a tiny baby size then Cheeky Chums more often than not stock it. Every line you can think of you want to dress your baby in and Cheeky Chums stock it you can find every line possible in socks, tights,vests, bodysuits,all manner of cotton hats, beanie hats,bonnets, knitted, crochet,double knot hat,bunny ears style you name it its there.The line gets bigger with the most latest arrival coming the second week in July for mop hats in tiny sizes,peak hats for boys, cool cotton shorts and t shirts in the most incredible micro preemie baby sizes.So you can spoil your tiny baby just as much as a newborn baby size when you shop at Cheeky Chums its choices galore at the action packed store HEREOR A QUICK ACCESS SITE FOR PREMATURE BBAY SIZES CLOTHES HERE


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