Parents of Premature babies why choice is good for YOU !

Quote from a parent of a premature baby cared for in the special care baby unit.

No one can prepare if you are faced with your baby being whisked away straight after birth and put into an incubator.All the desicions you make as a new mum are taken from you. The first feeds, first cuddles,changing a nappy,everything stiped bare except for staring at your baby all day when you have time to visit( especially if you have other children at home), a slight touch through the portholes.So don’t have simpliest decision of choosing your babies clothes for the day be taken from you if you can.You will feel important,excited,pleased and until you can do babies basic care needs yourself

Mrs L Ingham,Lancashire in uk.
As from experience have you too ever gone into a shop for a gift only to be disappointed because there is only choice.
No option for choosing the size you need or the colour you desire so because of the hassle of hunting around elsewhere you buy it!
Deep down it’s made you feel fed up.
You end up devastated knowing it’s for a gift so you really should not have had the decision take from you in choosing something extra special.
snatched away from you the chance to buy a gift which will have left a good impact, long lasting impression to say to all, that this special chosen gift, which has come just from you.
Gone from you the option to pick something to your tastes.
Solutions for selecting premature baby gifts, for tiny babies too at Cheeky Chums.
It’s a matter of choice! Tiny baby clothes with a better than average range means you don’t have to opt for a second best gift.
So much choice in every tiny baby department means the chances are we have the size you most need.
Unique lines so your baby doesn’t have to wear what every one else are in tiny baby sizes. Cheeky Chums own lines are only stocked here at one shop so if you live 100 miles away the baby in the next bed need not wear the same tiny baby clothes as yours. Imagine that the tiniest trend setter in the nursery wearing clothes only available at Cheeky chums. It certainly will make mums green with envy
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  1. A research team of King’ S College and University College of London discovered that the progesterone rate present in saliva makes it possible to determine the risk of premature birth.

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