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Organic Family Christmas r u jokin!

As Cheeky Chums Go even greener this week part 3 is entitled “Organic”
1.Make a compost heap in the garden using a dustbin add leaves grasscuttings soil and worms turn it over occassionaly then add onto vegetable plots instead of artificial fertilizers.
2.Get your children to grow tomato plants with your help.
3.let the children make organic buscuits and to shop for the ingredients themselves using a shopping list when you as a family go out shopping.
5.Get your children to point out organic foods in a supermarket the one that spots the most wins they have to write down what they find.
6. Get the children to plan a simple lunch menu them selves they have to make them ie sandwhiches, and serve it in a real cafe pretend play using a table cloth napkins etc really fun and educational the best thing is the parents get to eat the cooking results.
7.Cress seeds are a good way to introduce fresh organic foods for your kids to eat. use empty egg shells let them decorate a face on each egg,add cotton wool inside sprinkle on cress seeds, water every day, watch them grow, when deep green they are ready to eat yum and fun too.
8.Teach your child to Knit or sew get a book from the kids lirbrary is you don’t know how to.Instead of throwing a jumper away because it has a small hole fix it. A valuble lesson that can be used many years later on when your kids get older.
9.Get the kids to make their own dolls clothes and for boys action men or action figure clothes using a large darning needle scissors with help wool or cotton thread and some of their own worn out clothes, they learn good sewing skills and feel really proud of their creations afterwards.
10. If your children are old enough to search the internet make a healthy, early start this Christmas by letting them search for organic healthy sweet menus for the Christmas dinner instead of stoggy, fatty sweet ones, make them as a family and see if friends and family notice a difference you will be the family that sets a good example and get one over on the neighbours by starting in 2009 not January 2010.
Organic farmers build healthy soil
Organic products meet stringent standards
Organic food tastes great!
Organic farmers work in harmony with nature
Organic producers are leaders in innovative research
Organic producers strive to preserve diversity
Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy
Organic abundance – Foods and non-foods alike!
Organic production reduces health risks
Organic farms respect our water resources.
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