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Baby delivery in snow CAUTION Christmas week

Baby delivery in snow CAUTION Christmas week. Are you heavily pregnant? Are you due any time now and throughout the Christmas week?.The first fall of snow as appeared in our local area, but extreme snow falls are expected this friday onwards.The Met Office has issued an early warning and said travel networks may be affected by snow on Friday The worst UK areas to be expected are
Up to 20cm of snow could fall in some parts of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and East Anglia, with gale-force winds causing drifts.What does this mean if you are heavily pregnant and due anytime?
If you are traveling on the roads with your husband or family be prepared here are 7 very important things you can do just in case you are stuck on the roads away from a local hospital.
you may think “I’ll never use any of these items just below” but isn’t it better in case of emergency knowing baby can come anytime day or night. We advice you to print and keep this valuable info.

1.Pack your bags and have them in the car on long car journeys.take them with you everywhere.
2.Take a hot flask with a warm drink in and keep it in the car on car journeys where heavy traffic builds are expected and issolated roads.Have snacks in the car too you can nibble on. Keep a warm rug blanket in the car.
Make sure your car is road worthy and has a good spare tyre, jump leads, de-icer, scraper, torch etc.
3. Charge phones up regular and have a plug in cigarette lighter charger to hand in the car too.
4.A bag of cheap cat litter can help use as an alternative to grit around the tyres if you get stuck keep it in the boot.A shovel is useful.
5.Rocking the car back and forth can help a stuck car become loose unless piled in with snow.
6.Don’t just grab a coat and go out in the car have gloves scarf, hat etc in the car even tell your prtner if they travel long journeys to and from work to take lots of warm jumpers to add as temperature drops adding layers can prevent hypothermia.The last thing you expect is to be stuck on a motorway for hours pregnant and freezing.
7.If stuck dont try to walk everywhere for help stay with the car where it is warmer and safer. Emergency vehicles can see cars stuck by using helicopters,tractors etc making it easy to find you.
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