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Danni Minogue baby gossip what’s true whats not

Well at Cheeky Chums we have been following the progress of pregnant celebrity star Dannii Minogue.As soon as we get news its published I suppose whats funny with headline news is you get what’s true and what’s not. The media have a field day with whats hot news and sometimes they get it wrong.Danni Minogue was reported to have signed up to make a relaity show following her pregnancy well the latest news is that is not the case after all she has said that she is not making a reality television show about her pregnancy.

A post on her Twitter page, the Australian singer wrote: “I am not making a reality show with [my partner] Kris about having a baby.”

“I have created a capsule clothing collection with my best mate Tabitha called Project D.”

“We have been filming the process of creating the label from idea right through to delivery in store.”
Her first leap into the UK fashion scene and she is putting everything on the line to make something beautiful that women love.

Speaking of branding ideas and mums with babies octomum Nadya Suleman mum to 8 octuplets and 6 other children says she is tradmarking her name ocotmum to create a range of nappies (diapers)
and clothing items.
Stay tuned for more news stories following Danni minogue’s pregnancy at Cheeky Chums.
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