Ordering baby clothing your credit card theft

You may need baby clothing but worried abut ordering online.
Instead you telehone the shop and pay over the phone but we would like to warn you about credit card theft that you may not have thought of before.Who are you giving your personal details to? such as the whole of your credit card, security pin number etc ?
Did you know on some occassions a shops own staff steal from an employer thats why many businesses are taking out insurance against employer theft.Its mainly for stock but I’m not sure if your credit and debit card details are included or not in sich cases.Just think! If they are temporary staff handle phone orders and use your details to with draw small amounts of money it doesn’t worth thinking about does it?
Saftey for customers details are one of the top priorities. we took the decision at Cheeky Chums Premature Baby clothes superstore to no longer accept your personal credit and debit card details over the phone.
You may think oh I cant order over the phone then now can I ? so a new implemented system is in place.It allows you to be in full control of your details.It gives you the peace of mind that no matter what Cheeky Chums will never need to know what numbers are on your card.
the new system is simple. You can order and pay in only 3 steps.
1. You place your tiny baby clothes order requirements over the phone.
2. We send you an email.
3 You pay using the secure gateway method of your choice. paying with your credit or debit card with Paypal or Google checkout.
It allows you to add your details privately and is never sent to any one not even Cheeky Chums.
We check our account and once funds show up at this end we send out your goods.It usually take 10-15 mins for funds to go into Cheeky Chums account so you dont have to wait days upon days until baby goods are sent out.
We send you an email or telephone you to let you know the full tracking number. You can see where in the country hour by hour where your parcel is.
Enjoy browsing and buying in full assurance both on and offline at Cheeky Chums store with a safer,more secure method of paying.
Cheeky chums… the premature baby clothes superstore that has it all with choices galore.


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