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Pregnant Danni Minogue beaming blooming blossoming bump

Pregnant Danni Minogue beaming blooming blossoming baby bump.What a mouthful. If you have been following our blog post on pregnant celebrity Dannii Minogue you will know as soon as we get news we let you know, yesterday after launching her fashion range she looked a picture of health with her baby bump getting rather huge. I wonder if the betting shops will be cashing in on what the baby’s birth weight will be.Dannii Minogue’s baby is due in July. She has said she and her boyrfiend have talked about marriage but an engagement is not on the cards at the moment. Dannii isn’t worried about gaining weight, she said she wants to concentrate on being a good mum. More news to follow If Dannii has an early delivery she can find every line of premature baby clothing here at Cheeky Chums its choices galore all under one store visit it here at


One thought on “Pregnant Danni Minogue beaming blooming blossoming bump

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