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Mum walks into school and removes her kids

As part 2 of our new series of blog posts this week we shall be discussing home education or otherwise ( teaching children at home or otherwise here in the uk )

Mum walks into school and removes her kids!

One of her children is being bullied continually and she plans to teach her children at home. Do you think she went about it the right and correct way ? we say NO!
Here is how she should have approached the situation.
1. Discuss with the whole family the option to edcuate your children at home and also discuss it with the children.
2.pop in to school and find out at what stage of learning your child or children are capable of.
3. Write a letter to the local education authority explaing you plan to remove your child from school to educate at home. Do not be worried they will say no you do have the right to teach your child at home or otherwise in accordance with the childrens act 1996.We can give you help in the form of a typical letter that you can use.
Just add your own childs details, school thye are attending and the date you plan to take them out of school.CONTACT US HERE if you need one, or more help. send a copy to the school and keep a copy yourself. Date everything and keep evidence from now on of everything your child does, planning ideas, work examples, text books,photographic evidence etc.
You do not have to be intimidated by health visitors etc as some do not realize you do have this option and will use bully tactics to make you change your mind. but stand your ground.
Did you know
If your children have not yet enrolled for a school say they are age 3, you do not have to tell anyone you are plannning to teach your children at home. you will not have regular visitors from the education department.
It is only when you have removed a child from school that they take
more of an interest to make sure your child is getting a balanced education appropriate to their individual learning needs.

NEXT blog post coming soon… looks at planning, getting it right from the start, funding and resources. check back soon to follow this particular blog interest. for premature baby clothes visit our main superstore website at


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