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my kids school is at home

my kids school is at home!
yes it is possible to teach your children at home and you do not have to be qualifed teacher to do so.
This weeks blog posts have been looking at home education.
Today we look at what’s in it for me and what are the benefits for my children.
1. Kids who are bullied at school feel issolated,can experience feelings of dread, betwetting can occur, depression and occassionally suicide such a deep emotional effect to concider this desperate act.Children who are removed from school as a last resort do far better in the long term taught at home in a stable loving and happier environment.
2. Children who are taught at home show on most occassions are more organised, happier, less anxious,cope very well learning life skills – such as communication, interpersonal skills, as well as self-esteem and responsibility.
3.For parents teaching at home. You in turn learn new skills. You are in charge of what your child learns the lessons. the planning and you do not have to be bullied or blackmailed into signing scool contracts you dont agree with such as not allowed to take kids on holiday during school term time.
4.I developed a new interest in History when I home educated one of my own children, so you too will learn something new every day.
Myths family and friends may be worried about, you teaching at home.
Kids dont mix well with other children.
yes there arn’t a lot of home educated kids in your area, but there are regular meetings and groups parents join which is great for kids mixing with children of all ages not just their own peers. you dont get this at school.Plus it helps them settle later on in colleges and universities as they will be used to socializing with people of all ages.
The topic will come to a close tomorrow with a question and answer board. You ask questions and we post the answers of give you help and advice related to home schooling. more articles can be found at the bottom of our home page at


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