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New product launch be ready new line premature babies clothes

A New product by Nanny Nicu offers a new premium range of premature and neonatal baby clothes sets. Nanny Nicu introduced 1 and half years ago is The most popular range at Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes superstore.More hands were needed to keep up with the demand of such a highly sought after product.
Well when you ring suppliers up every day speak to the sewers who hand make these delicious sets for premature babies As the proprietor of Cheeky Chums the excitement is uncontainable and we are not the ones wearing them.The New lines that were due to arrive in April had a delay but we didnt expect nearly a 15 week delay but news is the buttons have been added and now all we are awaitng is the cute and colourful embrodied work to be carefully added.
These will be the first to arrive and as only 30 sets have been created due to the painstaking time it takes to individually cut them out we do not expect them to be on the shelves for very long before they sell out. If you think your baby can benefit from owning one of these beautiful Nanny Nicu sets we are offering you the chance to own one for baby at a special price of only £19.99. Each set consists of all in one easy grow baby sleepsuit, tweenie hat, dribble bib and 2 personalized laundry bags with your baby’s very own name added free of charge.R.R.P £24.99
laundry bags are fully washable and can also be used to keep your baby’s toys tidy in on the back seat of the car as they get bigger.This offer is only offered to the first 10 customers. send an email here for a voucher code sent to your email address with this very special offer voucher are only offered for 1 week only as these arrive.Arrival date is 6th june 2010.So dont delay order you voucher today sizes are 1-3lb, 3-5lb,5-8lb.
Nanny Nicu range can also be found here for premature babies or choose something else from the main website here


3 thoughts on “New product launch be ready new line premature babies clothes

  1. I am totally interested in one of these special new outfits in size 1-3lbs. Color of interest would be cream if available for a boy or girl…..with the name on the laundry bags of Dolly and Jackson if still available with the name added on the bags…..if not…no worries….are these going to be pictured somewhere on your website? Thank you, Pamela

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