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stillborn baby,baby bereavement when sorry seems not enough

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The Loss of a baby born stillborn,or a tiny baby bereavement, when saying sorry in person seems not enough.
How can you express your sympathy that will have such a touching gesture to the family,and that will be a comfort many years down the line.
After searching the internet worldwide it was so difficult to find what I was looking for. A way to say sorry that could be captured in the families heart for a lifetime.
So now here it is appropriate baby bereavement cards.
Something Precious® offers you the chance to give out a piece of your kindness, and the parents will be really touched by this loving gesture.These baby bereavement cards have been carefully developed for a premature baby loss,a stillborn baby born asleep or an unfortunate miscarriage.Each card says it all without you having to sit pondering with ” I just dont know what to say or put down to say sorry”.Ocassionally baby is so small its difficult to tell if baby was a girl or a boy.What do you do when you still wan’t to send a card only the ones in the shops have a girl or boy on them.
Something Precious also offer a range of unisex baby bereavement cards for this particular need.
There is also a seperate page HERE where you can pick a loving sentence for inspiration if you do want to add a softening word or too. A loving verse is in each card, a keepsake in loving memory card, mums can treasure even 10 years later down the line when they visit the grave to put flowers on. It really will mean the world to them,to receive one of these heart felt cards. These baby sympathy cards are descreet,soothing with adorable pictures, they come complete with a matching envelope size usually A5 all individually hand made with the utmost care and attention to detail.Unique to Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore


2 thoughts on “stillborn baby,baby bereavement when sorry seems not enough

  1. Bless you for your bereavement work. I also focus my efforts in this market, through a forum I call Life Healing Arts. I offer commissioned writings and artwork to reach others coping through sorrow; loss of a baby or other loved ones, loss through hospice, loss through suicide and many other areas of bereavement such as pet loss, divorce, job loss, health recovery and abuse. Together may we plant the seeds to help nourish a world in such need of loving support. May your work flourish!

    Sincerely, Kathryn

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