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Dannii Minogue baby countdown

Not long to go now and pregnant celebrity star Dannii Minogue is due to give birth in July.How soon has this past, I thinks its gone past very quickly indeed.How soon will it be before she returns to work well she is due to return as an X Factor judge in September, is likely to have her own single out at the end of the year and could face a chart battle with show boss Simon Cowell for the Christmas No 1 spot.
A friend said: “Dannii is thrilled about this deal.” Could you leave your baby so early with family friends or a nanny so young ? I doubt if the baby will be back stage in a crib whilst she is on stage so baby would have to be left behind.So sad, but Danny must feel ok about it.
All the best for the birth Dannii I and everyone at Cheeky Chums hope the birth goes easy for you.
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