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Planned C section don’t be worried its ok!

planned c section

Planned C section in the next few weeks don’t be worried its ok! If your consultant thinks its is in the best interest of your  baby or you then its why a planned C section is the best foot forward.If you are pregnant and not sure if you are at risk that warrants a planned C section its the midwifery team and your consultant that makes the desicion for this type of planned birth.Yesterday we looked at Elective C Sections which gives the patient the choice to give birth this way. so today we are featuring Planned cases.Lets take an look at just a few factors they take into concideration before making a decision. 

  • Multiple pregnancy usually with triplets or more babies.
  • Small pelvis, large baby
  • baby is lying in a transverce position ie across your tummy not head down.
  • Baby Has a birth defect needing surgery immediately after birth such as Gastroschisis where the intestines are outside the body and need putting back into position inside baby’s tummy.
  • Siamese twins.

In these cases baby is born usually 38 weeks gestation plus.

 Did you know in the USA alone one 3rd of babies are delivery by a C section.

If you know from an early start you will have a section ie multiple birth find the nearest hospital which has the best facilites for NICU care. Your baby/s may not need it but the last thing you want is baby in a hospital miles and miles away from you  area because there isnt the right facilities available.Some hospitals only have HDU and Special care units.

next blog posts we look at Emergency C sections.( ceasarean sections)


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