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birth defects,abnormalties in a newborn baby

birth defects in babies

This blog post looks at some congenital abnormalities and birth defects in newborn babies. First a list of common and not so common ones you may have heard of, or come across someone been affected by them.

Noonan syndrome,hair lip or cleft lip,spina bifida,gastroschisis.

Noonan syndrome

One in every 1000 babies worldwide are born with this condition.The main features of Noonan syndrome are unusual facies(hipertelorism, downslanting eyes, webbed neck), congenital heart disease(in 50%), short stature and chest deformity.It is a genetic disease and once a child has it there is a 50/50 chance that more children in the family will be born with it.It is a fault with 4 genes. A blood test is performed to evaluate the platelet count. No one treatment is required but growth hormones can be used with small stature, heart monitoring if there is  the heart condition.The baby will grow up to lead a normal life.

Cleft lip

A Cleft lip and a cleft palate is a condition where by the upper lip and roof of a baby’s mouth   do not properly develop in the womb it leaves a gap in the lip and or also the roof of the mouth.

If the roof of the mouth is affected when baby is born it will have feeding problems as the milk will come down baby’s nose.It affects approx one in 700 baby births each year.The chances of another baby born in the family after one raises the odds to 1 in 14.It is genetic and can be triggered off with certain drugs too that can effect the gene structure.

Feeding sitting baby upright does help to reduce the milk coming from the nose.Feeding may take longer than a normal up to 1.30 mins a time and babies often get more wind and need extra burping.Each hospital is different in terms of recommended feeding bottles to use some ideas are obturator,Beniflex nurser or brecht feeder. A cleft lip and cleft palate is correctable with surgery. Baby will require several check ups usually until the teenage years.Speach therapists can also help if speach problems develop as a pre-schooler.


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