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teenage pregnancies planning ahead

As this weeks teenage pregnancies posts come to an end we look at planning ahead and what the future brings with the decisions you make.

After a possitive pregnancy tests what are the options for you.

As Cheeky Chums are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of premature babies we cannot advice on aborting a fetus no matter what stage you are in your pregnancy so we shall let you know of the other options available instead.


You give birth to your baby and sign it over soon afterwards.You will need a social worker assigned to you to talk things over and make sure you know what it means by putting baby up for adoption. A family member can take over the responcibility or a family outside your local area.The latest laws and options, different adoption types can be discussed with your allocated social worker once one has been appointed to you.


A residency order.

Your own parents or a close family member who has direct contact with your baby can apply for a residency care order at the court The court then decides who baby shall live with until baby reaches the age of 16.

A care order can be granted by the local authority they have parental responcibility shared with you.They decide where your child can stay that will be the best interest of the child.It is better to work with social service than having your baby removed and an emergency care order given because you are classed as not fit enough to meet your baby’s individual needs in a safe manner.

You keep the baby..

Where will you live.Don’t be in a dream world you cant just get an house move in with ready made furniture and live ahppily ever after.You could live with your parents if they will support you .Some areas have mother and baby units where you stay with other mums in a similar situation as yourself.You learn valuable skills in what being a mum is all about with your baby until a such time you can fend for your self with your own place.These are few and far between so don’t bank on getting a place.

Your local connections office can help with your continued education with miniumum disruptions and housing.


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