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New baby arrival how to be a good grandma

The top 5 tips a new grandmother can give out to be the best new grandparent ever.

  • Give the new mum advice without being overpowering.
  • Don’t offer to show her how to old her own baby, let her learn for herself.
  • Don’t take over, if  dad wants a try bathing baby etc it will knock his confidence.
  • Offer to do chores whilst she tends to the baby, but offer to take over if she wants to take a nap. remember don’t get carried away by being to fussy wanting to take over as the mother figure its her baby.
  • Be there at the end of the phone when she needs to ask you what to do but don’t rush over and take over. Being a new mum is also about learning to do things your self but with good support from family.
  • Offer your baby sitting services once in a while ie send her a greeting card with voucher for 2 baby sitting nights in.

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