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baby birth due now! Winter Weather Worry

Baby birth due any time now! Winter Weather Worry take the stress out of getting to the hospital on time by planning ahead.

Babies come day or night,the worst time is winter when the big freeze happens or winter blizzards to tie up road blocks on motorways or major roads.

Sometimes the consultant wants you in now and then so you may have to call your partner to hurry along with your bags as you didnt expect this.

What happens if he gets stuck in the snow! or you have to travel miles away to the nearest maternity unit. Here are some emergency measures you can take to be extra prepared during the freezing weeks thats due ahead.

1.A bag of cat litter in the car boot useful as grit to put under tyres if stuck.

2.A cigaretter lighter mobile phone charge that works with your mobile phone.keep a phone handy in the glove compartment.

3.2 wind up torces that dont use batteries.

4. Fll A large tuperware tub filled with warm blankets, gloves hats, scraves, wollies in case or emergency.keep in the car.

5.Fill a flask with hot soups on car journeys in bad weather get into the habbit even if baby isnt due quite yet.

6.put in a small shovel in case snowed in.

7. never leave your car to go for help  if you get stuck in snow,stay there even if its overnight.

8. wear as many layers as you can when leaving the house to go on long car journeys in bad weather.

9.Always tell a friend or neighbour if travelling far and pregnant (nearly Due) especially in blizards just in case.

10.Packets of dried food,dried,fruits,chocloate bars, creal bars, are good to keep in the car a falsk of boilding water can then be added for a quick pot noodle.

11. get the cans of d- icer in the car,anti freeze in radiators now and check the spare tyres.Jump leads always carry a spare.get a scraper to remove ice of the windscreen,dont use your credit card.

12.pack yours and baby’s bag put it in the car ready.


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