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keeping premature babies warm without dying due to SIDS

Now then your tiny premature baby is expected home from hospital in just a few days.keeping premature babies warm without dying due to SIDS ( which is Sudden Infant Death syndrome) is something you may not have come across before.

Reasearch suggests that babies can die due to over new mum panicked as her 5 week old baby wouldn’t stop screaming. She rang her sister immediately as she only lived just over the road. She asked mum if baby had had her nappy changed, been fed, when did she have a last sleep etc. When she got there she was very alarmed to find her sisters’s baby had 3 warm blankets snuggly tucked in around her in her pram.The pram was in the kitchen after mum had just had a walk out with her to the shops.

She was way too hot! after removing most of them she explained that babies cannot regluate their own body temperatures themselves so this is how she needed to check that baby was in a room temperature that was adeqate for her needs.

You may think 3 blankets on a cold day seems ok but with a hat,snowsuit,baby gro cardgan vest and socks all these layers mount up in the amount of tog thickness.Especially in a warm room with central heating on too.

refer to the TOG rating chart your health visitor gave you or ask for one if you dont have one.A room thermometer is essential and can also be purchased quite cheaply too.

Use light clothing if the room temperature is between 16-20 degree c.

For more information on SIDS visit his website for more facts and the latest research news on cot deaths.


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