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Premature baby dummy,baby dummy to none

First your baby may be born premature and need a Premature baby dummy,why ? because not all babies especially the very tiny ones weighing 1 pound and upwards are  born with the sucking reflex that full term babies have.

A mum will be eager to have her tiny baby come home,and this is one area the NICU staff look towards getting baby feeding normally before  being allowed home . A premature baby dummy helps settle a baby undergoing tests even with tubes or c-pap up the nose . A premature baby dummy helps a  baby develop the valuable sucking reflex used in feeding from a bottle or the breast.

Once baby has moved onto a size 0+ dummy mums may concider leaving baby with a dummy until age 3, 4 and up to 5 years of age.This isn’t good for a few reasons.One a child becomes so attached to the dummy it is often to hard on mum to wean the child off at such a late age as this. The child will have  had one from birth and will not want to part with it without being so distraught.

 The second reason is once a full set of teeth appear from around 12 months plus the dummy can start to pull to teeth into an abnormal possition if used too frequently.

Toddlers use a dummy as a comforter and even age 2 is difficult to get a toddler to break free from using one at this age.By the age of 3 years speach problems can occur with prolonged use of a dummy.

By this time of age 3 a parent will find it very hard to break the habit. What a mess imagine getting your child to believe santa took it, or the tooth fairy ,or the dog ate it so many lies to convince a child to part with it.Then there’s the sleepless nights without it a child screaming,or dad nipping off to a certain shop to buy the exact teat shape because only a certain type will satisfy their child.

How to you get from baby dummy to none?

Concider your motif as a parent for giving them one in the first place forget being premature but a newborn at home.

Settling into a routine perhaps? a Screaming newborn baby that doesnt settle?

once you baby is established into a routine reduce the number of times your baby has a dummy during the day. A cry is a sign of telling you your baby needs something a bottle a cuddle a nappy changed, listen to your child’s cry instead of being tempted into putting a dummy in their mouth just to keep them quiet. At the first sign of a tooth start the weaning off process.

For premature baby dummies click on the baby picture just on the right to shop for any type .


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