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look grandma Premature baby gifts for winter babies

Ok  grandma your grandchild has arrived earlier than expected during the feezing cold.Baby weighs 3 1oz so what do you buy? You did intend to buy a newborn size but your daughter is now panicking as they will be overwhelming in size.Here are some ideas that will benefit your grandchild and will make mum as pleased as punch.

A premature baby dummy of pacifier Why ? because little mouths need smaller dummies size 0+ will be for newborn babies and upwards and it will help develop the sucking relfex needed before baby will be allowed to come home. The  nursing staff let babies home when they are fit and gaining weight and feeding from a bottle or breast without any assistance.

A premature baby coat, snowsuits types are excellent as babies body is full covered but remember do not let baby get too hot as babies can become overheated too easily. Lovely warm premature baby tassle hats which tie under the chin. They help to keep baby’s sides of the face warm too in a chilly wind.

For girls you need premature baby tights in winter.keeping the whole of the legs cosy and snug.boys can choose from thick socks in novelty prints or plain in deep warmer colours.

shopping easily go now click on babies on the right hand side for all you need in tiny sizes.


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