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Premature baby loss and stillborn birth

Premature baby loss and stillborn birth.

On the sad occassion that a pregnancy doesn’t go to full term of a little one passes away at birth, some tiny babies only have a blanket to be wrapped in as a parent say good byes.I wanted to make everyone aware that just because stillbirth and premature baby loss is usually a taboo subject no body wants to talk about it. It’s something that parents suffering a premature baby loss or a stillborn birth do want to talk about. My experience with the baby bereavement section of our website has made us aware that more mums are devasted when a friend,or neighbour crosses the road after a baby loss. It is hard to know what to say but shunning a family makes it even harder from them to cope.If you ever have to go through the pain associated with stillbirth or a premature baby loss its important to make the most of the last moments spent with your baby as you can.Create a memory box to help you come to terms with your grief Don’t bottle up mixed emotions and don’t blame yourself. A baby is precious even if you only get to have one opportunity to dress him or her.

Cheeky Chums have a baby berevement section with clothing sets from 5 inches  take a  peak by clicking on the twin babies picture just at the top of this page.


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