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Newborn baby Quiz how much do you know about a new baby

Take this Newborn baby quiz  now,just for fun and inspiration enter this Quiz. How much do you know about a new baby? Check back for the Answers tomorrow.No cheating see just how much you do know?

  1. True or false a newborn baby has dark coloured stools just after birth?(poo in the nappy)
  2. What is a PKU test in newborns for?
  3. What is the apgar score for?
  4. True or false At 2 weeks the average newborn starts to smile.
  5. What is thrush?
  6. True or false a new baby that is over 4 weeks old can have mashed banana mixed with breast or bottle milk to eat.
  7. Is this a true statement when making a bottle you put milk powder in the bottle first then add the water.

Come back tomorrow and see how many you got right.


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