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Newborn,New baby,be the best mum read on

Your Newborn depends on you,New baby you can be the best mum read on…


  • your newborn baby needs to feel safe and secure.After being tucked up inside your womb for 9 months a newborn likes to feel safe when dozing off to sleep..Swaddling your baby in a cotton sheet before settling off to sleep with make your baby feel a lot happier feeling safer and snug.You wrap the baby’s arms inside close to the body one side over the other, if unsure ask you midwife to show you how its done.
  •  You need to make sure if you have to nip out you take your baby with you.Its you that needs to make sure it is left in a safe environment with a family member of friend you can trust if you cannot take baby with you.Leaving a newborn baby with anyone just to get a break is not being a responcible parent.You must also never leave dogs alone with a newborn baby.
  • A newborn baby needs to be raised in a stable environment. If both parents are Arguing all the time,fighting, domestic violence is involved it is not a good safe environment to raise a newborn baby.Someone living at a different friends house from week to week or mum rasing a baby living on the streets is also not a good environment to raise a newborn.If you are struggling you will need to get support from a health visitor or social worker to see how best the situation can be resolved.
  • You need to look after the home where you live too if you private rent a place you cannot keep moving on due to not paying bills as eviction is not good standard to set to give baby stability.You also need to be aware changing partners month after month isnt being a responcible parent your newborn baby should be your number one priority, the last thing you need is a social worker on your back due to a neighbour reporting you as an unfit parent.

Tomorrow we look at providing your newborn baby with warmth,food,drink,being made comfortable.


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