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look kiddies odds n ends a boy or girls best friend

Look mummy what your kiddies can do with a few odds and ends hanging around the house. During the  2 weeks christmas holiday they will be having soon… This weeks blog posts gives you the parents handy ways of keeping kids amused over the holidays so join in too have fun theres lots to do!

For the girls you will need extra large cardboard box, celloptape,glue sticks,kids paint and brushes paint, old fabric or a few old outfits that torn or outgrown. lolly sticks,tiny and small boxes various sizes.

over the few days they are going to build a dolls house.They have to draw a picture what they want it too look like and you have to help then write it down if they cant write yet.what colour walls it will have curtains etc. make it into 2 floors using cellotape to hold it into positon let the children paint the outside.when dry cut out curtains use lolly sticks or cut cardboard to make a curtain rail.make pillows out of the fabric or clothing they can use their own dolls as people for the family.Use small boxes glue to make chairs and a bed etc,use spare fabric to make cosy rugs.

For the boys you will need extra large box,paper plates,kids paints,brushes,glue,scissors,cushions to borrow,tin foil.

for boys make a large car with a paper plates painted and a tin foil circle stuck in the middle as wheel trims,paint the car on outside only when fully dry stick on the wheels add a plate to steer and cushions to sit on inside the car for hours of fun.


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