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roll on 2011 mummy this is just for you

This weeks blog posts offer activities to do as a family during the 2 weeks winter hoildays. Today is a great gift idea the kids can make for nanna,grandad, daddy or mummy.

You will need an 24 A4 sheets of paper per child 1 A4 piece of card, a piece of string or wool an holepunch, some paper glue, colour crayons felt tips or paints. The children will be creating a different picture for each month for instance snowman in January, A bare tree in February etc one picture for every month of the year.

Pencil squares on another piece of A4 paper cut in half you need up to 31 squares per sheet.The children will be making a flip board calandar.two holes go at the top of each page so that the wool or string can be threaded through at the top.An adult may need to help write the numbers on each sheet.

 ADD  the month on the picture Its a good talking point to discuss seasons ,when summer holidays are etc.Remember this rhyme so you put each month with the correct number of days underneath stick with glue just under each picture. 30 days has September  April June and Novemebr all the rest have 31 except february alone which has 28 days clear 29 each leap year.Tie all 12 month pictures in order using the wool through the back and through the card. Voila a calandar for 2011 hand made with love by the children.

more activites tomorrow


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