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last day keeping kids from being bored over christmas

Today is the last featured post in keeping kids from being bored over Christmas.

we have had to keep it short and sweet so we can add the very latest premature baby news from Cheeky Chums.As the proprietor I thought I would get a good few days break but nope the show must go on so Ive arranged staff to come in to  manage all orders to be posted tomorrow (earlier than nomal to prevent a back log) so here are the last ideas for the kids all rolled into one page.

  1. Organise a family event for charity.
  2. Take the kids to a fun factory.
  3. Invite friends and their kids to a ten pin bowling match wear a colour for each team ie a team wearing the colour red and another wearing blue.
  4. Teach your kids to sew.
  5. swap the kids for a few hours during the day with a close family member,it makes you appreciate your own more when you look after someone elses.Plus its fun for the kids too.
  6. teach your children something new that you new tried as a child.
  7. Pay the kids a pound each to do the washing up whilst you put your feet up for a change.
  8. Walk everywhere over the festive period with the children to keep yourselves not only fitter and healthier but cutting down on short car journeys too.

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