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from one premature baby then another Can You Cope!

Mum of 2 premature babies Amanda M. Shares her own comforting advice on how you can cope being a mum to a preemie baby in the NICU.

If your babies are in the nicu, Be sure to be ACTIVE in their care.If you aren’t active in the care,the nurses wont Involve you!
If you are getting overwhelmed with all the cords/wires,take a break .go get a drink/bite to eat. your child CAN sense what you are feeling and if your upset,they’ll be upset!

When your child comes home from the nicu,if you THINK they might be sick,take them in.I can’t stress this enough.MY daughter was vomiting non stop and didnt take her in because it was a monthly occurance,and she had a bowel blockage and needed emergency surgery.

When they are home,be sure to keep their heads UP after eating ( in a bouncy/swing is good) Most preemies have reflux,and if they reflux and they aspirate,they can stop breathing ( trust me,it happened to my son! )

Most importantly:If they are crying alot and you Can’t handle it, Call someone.Get a break,let someone sit there and rock them/feed them while you take a nap/get other things done.I can’t stress this enough,either.If it was not for my mom,I would have gone stir crazy by now

thankyou Amanda.


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