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pregnancy and high blood pressure Premature birth

This week we look at a need for a premature delivery. we look at pregnancy complications for an early delivery and the implications they can cause.

Today we look at high blood pressure in pregnancy that can result in a premature birth

Approximately 1 in 20 women experience high blood pressure during pregnancy.Eating healthier and regular excerise reduce a risk in pregnancy of developing high blood pressure.

Pre-eclampsia is a form of high blood pressure in pregnancy that is caused by a problem with the placenta. If pre-eclampsia is not detected, the results can be dangerous for both mother and baby.

If your blood pressure rises and a urine tests confirms no protein, then this is called gestational hypertension.Pre-eclampsia is identified by having high blood pressure and having protein in the urine. Symptoms of Pre-Eclampsia causes problem with thje placenta,Baby may be slow in growth, mum may have swollen hands and feet.

If you do develop pre-eclampsia, you and your baby will be closely monitored by your midwife at antnatal visits. plus more frequent visits may be needed as its classed as a high risk pregnancy. The only way to stop pre-eclampsia is for the baby to be delivered, which can sometimes mean a premature birth.

more on delivery of a premature baby and premature births tomorrow


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