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Jack the lad now a dad finding the dad side in you

Be the dad not Jack the Lad. Tips for being the best dad in the world.

Learn, listen and Play a constant learning curve being a dad. The Dads role takes determination, kindness, love, stability.
As your child grows up do not fight with your children, if you stop and listen instead of a slanging match that often happens between families.

 Be there for your child when a bike tire needs repairing or they want you to play football with them or your little girl wants you to have a pretend cup of tea.Don’t dissapear thinking I can’t be bothered or this is my time these are your kids, your responcibility not just your partners.

 Having fun with your children is the answer to a lot of stressful situations that could have been avoided if only the parent listened to what the child was saying.
Get the above points into your head from day one and you won’t go wrong. It’s the stress arguments and fear that creeps in and destroys something wonderful in family relationships.
When this happens the whole family suffers, parents split up, kids don’t listen or respect parents, kids move out, kids get into trouble with police because parents are not there for them bang! one disappointed dad and mum.


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