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Top 5 premature baby questions answered

Top 5 premature baby questions answered.

Q.1 My wife had twins at the weekend one weighs 3lb the other 4 and a half pound will they both come home at the same time when they gain enough weight Im anxious to show them to the rest of the family.

Depends on a few things really are they tube feed or bottle fed.Do they need assistance when breathing if babies are on a ventilator then they need  to be stable enough to breath without assistance before being allowed home.

A 1 One twin may come home earlier than the other and your wife may also have to be prepared to be discharged leaving babies behind for a while in the capable hands of the NICU or special care baby unit which ever they are looked after in.

Q2 Hi I’m due to be booked in for an induction next week i shall be 38 weeks will my baby be premature I’m scared in case he has to stay in special care.

A.2 No babies under 37 weeks are clased as premature babies 38 weeks are classed as full term and providing everytthing goes ok with the birth there shouldn’t be any problems to warrant a stay in the NICU.

Q3 My baby is 4 pound and all that’s stopping her from coming home is feeding regular I want to breast feed how can I help her come home quicker.

A.3 If the hospital have an ensuite mums can stay for a short while to get used to being with baby and feeding try not to let them give a top up bottle once you have started if baby isn’t in distress she will become hungry by depending on you and then you can then establish a better pattern to feed her.

Q 4.I want to pout my premature baby in real nappies when I come home is there anyone that sells them small enough.

A.4 yes look on the internet some companies specialize in preemie baby nappies that are reusable.

Q.5 Where can I get a premature sized baby dummy from, the newborn ones are way to big and my son is gagging on them.

Cheeky Chums stock a wide variety just for preemie premature babies click on the baby assessories link on the main website to see the whole range.


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