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premature birth,newborn problems NICU care

Today we shall also look at some of the abbreviations used to describe the different NICU or special care baby units and if your baby/babies will ever need to be looked after in one.

The special care baby units are aimed at premature, tiny and poorly newborns why because not every birth runs smoothly.

 Routine scans have such a wow factor these days they are able to detect abnormalities can be detected in the babys body. Scans can detect blocked kidney tubes, heart problems,bowel obstructions. It is remarkable how scans can pick up on these things before babys birth which is why its is so important to see a midwife during a pregnancy at antenatal visits.

Should a major concern arise baby can be immediatley cared for in a specialist unit known as the special care baby unit or NICU.

depending how poorly baby is atbirth determines which le vel of specila care baby will recieve.Various tests are  done by checking the baby’s heart rate, blood pressure, peripheral perfusion, and urine output,etc to determine the next course of action and if any surgery is required. 

During the birth baby can develop fetus distress and have a meconium aspiration.It is where the baby has a bowel movement and at some point during the delivery and birth process it is inhaled into babys lungs It can cause breathing difficulties due to swelling in the baby’s lungs after birth. If baby is born with severe aspiration who needs a breathing machine may have a more guarded outcome.

These are some of the terms you may or may not have heard of….

 NICU stands for neonatal intensive care unit.

HDU stands for High Dependancy Unit.

SCBU stands for Special care baby unit sometimes pronounced “sc-boo”

Levels associated with each of these baby units are levels 1-4.

Level 1 – NICU,level 2 – HDU,level 3 – SCBU, level 4 – maternity unit.

Level 1 the poorliest and sometimes tinest of premature babies are monitored 24 hr.Baby struggles with breathing and will need a ventilator to assist lung function.

Level 2 HDU babies on  c-pap breathing air is gently given to baby through the nose,yet still in need of complicated care needs.

level 3 heat in a hot cot is provided to baby whilst preparing for home,monitoring getting better after being so sick.

Level 4 babies born without any problems and kept near mums bedside until hometime.

Some children have complex surgery and may need to spend time in the ICU known as the intensive care unit where 24 hr monitoring occurs,medicines given round the clock and meeting the indvidual patients care needs until a child is more stable enough to go on a ward.


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