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what baby products should I avoid

Are you pregnant ? buying for baby ? what baby items do you want ? what do you need to buy for baby that will be of use ? which baby items should you avoid? lets take a look….

1.A baby walker  baby sits in and moves around the floor with his/her feet. with more homes having  laminate flooring these are unsafe .slip baby falls out. dangerous head injuries ocur to babies, not recommended, babies skid across especially near a door way and out they tip at the back door into the garen landing on hard surcase not good at all avoid.

2. Baby walkers with bricks in to play with to steady and promote walking, they tip up you have to be behind your baby when they are trying to walk, hold baby’s hands and use this instead as a way to let your baby explore suroundings.This item is not necessary.can be a hazard.

3.Strong plastic bib which catches crumbs, would you like to wear a plastic collar around your neck? very uncomortable to baby leaves red marks around neck after use and can be sore would you want to caus eunecssessary soreness to your little one. use the long sleeve type bibs instead for a baby weaning.

Babies like to explore finger foods and make lots of mess exploring the new textures.use an old table cloth under the floor of the high chair to catch an bits and mess that baby throws over the sides then its easier to clean away afterwards, simply shake crumbs onto garden for birds and bung table cloth  in the washing machine.For newborn babies towelling cotton ones are good absorbant and wash nice every time.

4.Hand wrist straps for keeping your child close to you when out and about.avoid. they sometimes tighten hard around wrist very uncomortable,could restrict blood supply to childs can be looking in a shop window and next thing they have sneakly pulled it off and unless its pulled taught it defeats the object as they can still wander off.

Instead opt for the full chest reins they fasten at the back so your toddler wont be able to undo them and supported in all directions so no tight fitting restrictions they walk off they can only go so far and you know where they are.

5.Putting hard shoes on babies not walking.Babies use their big toes to balance only use hard shoes when toddlers are able to walk around home easily unaided or outside walking around on rough servaces when no shoes is not a option.use soft leather pram shoes instead.


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