baby news ages 0 - 1 year

My baby is a winge bag

a lighthearted look at motherhood by Sarah Hart of Cheeky Chums.

Hi I have 2 children Joel age 4 going on 14 cheeky children and baby Jessica age 11 months.I decided to go back to work once Jessica was age 7 months.Running a household and working partime I thought would be easy peacy but no way with 2 young children at home too.On my days off Jessica will not let me move out of her sight to get on top of my housework.At first  getting back into a routine was hard but after a while we managed it well.

I wondered if I had made the wrong decision at one stage as within a week of starting work the phone range nearly every day kids sick please collect from nursery I had to juggle around childcare and still had to work but My boss Sheila proprietor of Cheeky Chums let me work from home which we pre planned but never thought we would need to use before I got the Job.

what I have found is forget about putting washing away that spiled up in my bedroom but to spend time having fun with my children when I’m around.She is a little winge bag but I love her to pieces she is just to cheeky and wants be to be near me but she does play nice when her brother is near her.She goes to nursery partime. At first she settled easily as she didnt realise what was happening but then went through a stage where she cried when I left her. She has a keyworker at nursery whom she just loves now and holds her arms out to greet her when I drop her off in a morning.She is now settled again and is coming on in leaps and bounds at nursery.

Tips for mums you may find they pick up germs, bugs and Illnesses from other children when they first start mixing with adults and other children but their immune system eventually is able to fight them off easily so they don’t seem to be sick all the time. Its not the nursery’s fault just the joys of having kids.Plus being a qualified Nursery Practitioner know how strict the Nursery health and hygiene guidelines are put into practise.


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