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pregnant,hospital bedridden no baby gifts

So you are pregnant and don’t anticipate being hospitalized due to high blood pressure. Then the stay ends up longer than expected. weeks even. Baby due anytime and you haven’t bought a thing .How will you cope when husband works all day.What essentials can you buy online that mean you can give him or a friend a list to buy for baby or even borrow a laptop to buy all you need yourself. What do you need that you can manage with until you get home with the newborn baby?

Here is a shortlist

  • Car seat to bringbaby home Moses basket,sheets blankets,
  • baby bath and toiletries,2 towels
  • nappies
  • sterlizing unit/fluid/tablets
  • bottles,teats bottle brush,baby milk formula just in case even if you intend to breast fed.
  • vests,bibs,baby grows, hats,sleepsuits,cardigans,scratch mittens,2 coats

the rest can wait until you get home. you will also get wonderful gifts that will tie you over on the day baby is born from lots of well wishers so try no to worry that you haven’t bought a high chair or bouncy cradle just yet!


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