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Does my baby have meningitis?

Babies can get meningitis it is a bacterial infection that can be fatal. babies with meningitis get sick fast.

 meningitis symptoms in a baby

  • bulging fontanelle (soft spot)
  • High Temperature
  • too sleepy,staring expression
  • Vomiting/refusing to take a feed
  • Irritable when held,high pitch/ moaning cry
  • difficulty in Breathing and or breathing  fast
  • Blotchy skin, getting paler or turning blue ,shivering
  •  floppy 
  • ‘Pin prick’ rash / marks or purple bruises on the body
  • Cold hands and feet
  • occassionally diarrhoea
  • Pain/ irritable from muscle aches
  • seek medical help advice immediately
  • if a rash presents itself a simple test can reveal meningitis.
  • A meningitis rash does not dissapear
  • A tumbler test is where you place the side of  glass tumbler onto the rash if it does not go away  it can be indentified as meningitis.


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