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4 month old baby with thread worms

I remember years ago my work collegue was changing a baby’s nappy at nursery when she called me over to “look at this” the baby had thread worms.

We where shocked we didn’t know what they were, having never seen any before so the parent had to treat the whole family at home.

Can anyone including babies and children catch thread worms ?

Yes,the whole family needs to be treated even if member does not have them as the eggs are invisible to the naked eye. The thread worms are passed on by poor hygiene in families.children dont always know or forget to wash their hands after using the toilet.

How do you know if your baby has threadworms?

You will notice a child that  has the  cotton like thread worms when  you change a nappy .You will see them wriggles around for a few seconds.Strict hygiene procedures needs to be enforced for at least 6 weeks, one face cloth each, own towel, wash sheets, hoover rooms, clean every where thoroughly.They are not passed on via pets but if you shake the bedsheet and the (invisible) eggs fall onto our pets coat they can reinfest your child when they stroke the pet later on.

Older children and adults that have threadworms will have an itcy bum part at night time. wear cotton pyjamas and wash daily.Be as strict with hygiene as much as possible.

Babies under 3 months cannot have medication from the doctor but the whole family will need treatment.

Threadworm eggs can survive on toys, work surfaces for up to three weeks. If you touch the eggs, they will be transferred onto your hands and your childrens. If you then touch your mouth unknowing you swallow the eggs.You can also breathe in the eggs and then swallow them. The eggs are so small that they can become airborne.Its a vicious circle thats why hygiene is so important.  The whole family could be reinfested with them all over again and again.many months later a child that hasn’t been treated will start to loose weight.


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