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Can my Premature baby get thrush?

When your premature baby comes home you may relax after all the tests they may have had to have blood sugar test,oxygen levels maintained,cpap etc.

You have to maintain vigilance in terms of avoiding coming into contact with people with infections such as coughs and colds.A premature  baby doesn’t yet have a strong enough immune system to ward infections as in older children.

Taking  a look at the above question can my premature baby get thrush ? the answer is yes it  in fact its more common amoung premature babies. Its caused by a fungal infection.An excess amount of fungus that causes the mouth membranes to become infected. White patches appear inside the mouth coating the tongue also white. Some mums drop a dummy on the floor then put it in their own mouth before passing it onto their baby but this is unacceptable if you want to keep your baby free from any type of infection let alone thrush.

Keep baby bottles etc clean and use a sterlizer/solution or boiling for 5 mins to  at least 6  months.Thrush can be passed on by breastfeeding to.

Thrush can go through the mouth and straight to baby’s bum causing a rash nystatin cream is often prescribed for the bum and drops for the mouth.


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