Pregnancy Related

pregnancy,baby in the womb 2nd trimester

Todays blog continues with life in the womb. we look at pregnancy and the 2nd in the womb for a growing fetus,  a growing tummy and more things to come.

A backtrack on the first trimester implantation from fertilized egg in the womb, development stage of cells to fully formed fetus by 12 weeks.

Now its time for baby to grow in size, organs inside the body start to function such as the bile duct,in boys prostrate gland developing in girls ovaries move from abdomen to the pelvic region.Mum to be starts to get a bump and everyone starts to comment that she has a glow about her.Mum sneaks out to buy the first maternity clothes as other clothes around the waist may no longer fit properly. mum can feel Baby start to move approx at 20 weeks with first baby or slightly earlier with  2nd or 3rd baby.It usually feels like a butterfly flutter at first.if baby came early it is classed as viable outside the womb at 24 weeks gestation.

Mum can develop cravings for certain foods.Its is important to get good dental care in pregnancy.Tiredness can start to get better during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.Scans can reveal the sex of baby from 16 weeks gestation  unless you want a surprise and wait until baby is born before finding out if its a girl or a boy.Stretch marks can appear on the stomach as the uterus gets larger.


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