Pregnancy Related

pregnant scared as delivery date approaches

life in the womb blog todays covers the last trimester.

Pregnancy the third trimester as the buld up to the birth approaches some mums may appear apprehensive.

weeks 29-40 your baby in the womb now starts to gain more weight.You can start to get baby’s room ready bags packed for maternity unit.You may get back strain with the extra weight you carry in pregnancy. Put your feet up and rest when you can.Midwife may watch out for swollen hands and ankles.You can get less sleep at night, as your body prepares you for getting up in the night to feed your newborn baby.

Your baby can hear your voice through the womb and you will see what looks like a little foot or head as you look at your stomach, as baby moves around inside.Baby gets hiccups inside the womb and its really funny watching your tummy jumping about at each of baby’s hiccups.The last few weeks babys head starts to engage it may feel like baby has moved down, which is a good sign as your body prepares itself for giving birth.A breach presentation is when baby is bottom first instead of a head or sometimes lies across your stomach.Your midwife will let you know if any extra care is needed during delivery.


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