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is this a mothers love to a newborn baby

Food for thought for young teen mums coping with a newborn baby.

We shall call this lady Miss M to protect her identity, here is how she coped as a new mum.

Baby was small for dates at birth with a good antenatal care though as mum was a heavy smoker. Smoking does have an effect on baby’s development in the womb.Baby K was a crying baby she seemed to get all the baby illness Croup,Asthma,3 month Colic,Broncolitis.Baby’s mum Miss M found she waited up very late until she could ring her own mum to get help to settle her.

Bottles full of milk getting green mouldy laiden in the kitchen, dirty sick on baby’s cot sheets reused not washed.Soiled nappys left in the living room mounting up. Bins overflowing with rubbish and plates not washed in the kitchen.All these signs where sent alarm bells ringing that Mum wasn’t coping very well at all.A Single parent she had family to help get the house tidy, a lady came in once a week to make sure here bills were paid. Miss M found it tough for the first 4 years even as her toddler reached age 3 and started nursery. If you too have found it hard to cope speak to your health visitor, who can put you in touch with the correct services before its too late and your baby gets taken into care. Parenting doesn’t always come easy for young mums or first time mums. Asking for help means you are taking the first step in realizing you want the best care for your baby.


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