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Weaning a baby & organic baby food tips

It’s a big thing  weaning babies on to foods and the majority of parents wish to give their child the best foods full of nutritional goodness to help a child grow and be healthy.

A baby may reject many of the first foods due to strange taste and textures this can make a parent frustrated and quiet worried as to why their child won’t eat, but that is not the case you need to keep calm and carry on, go back and try that food on a later date, variety is the key as a baby who trys lots of food are more than likely going to grow up and be food lovers. Not a fussy eater, you can try food up to 9 times before you may like it, this will certainly help a child to get the right nutrients for healthy development and growth and for the parent their peace of mind.

Is your baby ready for weaning? First signs may be, baby still hungry even after more milk, shows interest in other peoples food such as mums/Dads.

Equipment needed to start weaning, small and shallow plastic spoons, bowl, bibs, clothes, food blender

Good foods to start baby on, try baby rice and gently cooked organic fruits like parsnip, carrot, apples pear, banana. (remember to use gluten free foods before 6 months)

Organic food is the food that nature intended which includes all natural essential minerals including higher levels of vitamin c and antioxidants.

Tips on starting weaning,

  • Choose a quiet time when a baby is more contented Start with the baby’s usual milk feed
  • Sit your baby in a safety highchair suitable for the age
  • Expect for the first few tastes to come back out of the baby’s mouth
  • Be patient, the baby may find it to different so don’t expect much from the first few days of attempting, it is not essential that a child eats straight away as the milk still supplies the baby with all the nourishment they need.

 Make all solid foods smooth, mild and runny to start with, gradually increasing the thickness of the puree as your baby gets used to feeding from a spoon.

When preparing foods for baby at home remember to use the best quality organic ingredients when ever you can and there is no need to add salt or sugar. In fact salt can kills babies.

As a baby starts to get used to eating solid foods, you can start thinking of the next fruit and vegetable to introduce to your child, keep note of your babies likes and dislikes and which a baby enjoyed and wasn’t so keen on.

By 7 months your baby will be getting the hang of their smooth, mild tastes. It is the time to start the process next stage of weaning and introduce larger portions, new textures and slightly stronger flavours.

Don’t worry about giving a baby too much food as they will close there mouth or turn there head when they’re full.

As a baby co-ordination improves, you will notice your child using their hands more and starting to grab food, this is the time to introduce finger foods, try steamed carrot sticks or a finger of toast.

By 10 months your baby will be starting to really enjoy food, you will see them find chewing easier and will enjoy taking part in meal times as a family.

Try making a batch of organic fruit or vegetables puree and freeze it in ice cube trays or suitable freezer pots, many advantages for this such as its ready made, doesn’t waste what is left, easy enough when you get back from a busy day out etc. Article by Sarah Hart executive assistant at Cheeky Chums.


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