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top tips to take the kids out a rush no stress

If the kids are off school and you need to get them out on time for apointments/ day trips out etc often causes stress for parents in a rush. 

Here are our top 5 tips to get the children  out quickly without the stress of making them hurry up.

  • Get the kids clothes, shoes ready the  night before so you dont have to waste time looking for a lost shoe in a morning.
  • If its along trip out put the kids treats food drinks etc up the night before keep them in the fridge and then they don’t have to be made in the morning before you go.
  • Have your childs own bag  ready to hand with colouring books etc and games toys to keep the kids entertained. Put then on a  worktop to grab as you leave.
  • Make sure any favourite toy is there too so your child doesn’t scream because they didnt find it to take with them.It will only hold you up causing delays looking for them.
  • If you have to leave really early and your child can eat toast alone.Toast can be ready made and wrapped in tin foil to keep warm. a nice change from cereal at  breakfast. Its good to stop the kids fighting in back of  the car, toast can be eaten on the go when you have to leave quickly .

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