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determination by premature babies

When a baby is born extreemely premature it is cared for in either a NICU or HDU neonatal intensive care unit. A necessary aid to keep baby maintained with enough oxygen in the incubator is provided for with either a CPAP or a ventilator. The Cheeky thing with these little babies is they will wriggle, tug pull at the wires which are attached to the nose area or face.

Cheeky Chums stock premature baby scratch mittens in various colourways.Providing the ideal solution to keeping fingers contained so they dont pull these wires and tubes out of place.

Usually provided in one standard size but later this evening new luxury velour ones will be added to the collection at the superstore for premature babies.

The luxury scratch mittens  give mums more choices in cosy fabrics,sizes,and more colours. too.As theses fabrics are ultra soft and a premature baby’s skin is even more sensitive to that of an average weight newborn, the touch and feel of these are absolutley amazing.You will really love these as they feel scrumptious brushed against the side of your face. visit the superstore to buy a pack or 2 .


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