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Do pets and babies mix food for thought!

when a new mum brings  her newborn baby home from the hospital its great when its just the mum and dad. What about a newborn on the way and a house full of pets to care for at home too? Here are some questions you may not have thought of ….

  1. What about if there are pets at home should things change?
  2. what if you have a dog or cat, have you given your time  over to them, so much that they could be jelous?
  3. Did you make time to get your pet used to another family member visiting or do they growl and won’t let anyone sit close to you on the settee?
  4. Does you pet jump up at visitors especially if its a large pet dog?
  5.  What about jelousy have you thought about how you will keep your pets entertained yet still able to care for your baby without it getting into harms way?
  6. Do you know of any other potential health risks involved that can effect children and pets such as ringworm or toxoplasmosis?

Tomorrow we discuss the outcomes of having pets at home with a newborn baby and/or other children at home too.


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