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Japans earthquake effects for furture babies

In japan on the 11th march 2011 people worldwide were  left a memory that will be hard to shake off.As yesterdays news headline causes heartache and devastation for so so many familes you cannot help to feel compassion beyond even our human instinct.todays news follows more devastation which as not yet finished in the destruction of so many lives.It will alsohave a major impact of newborn babies concieved in Japan and surrounding areas. The explosion of the power plant in Japan, is radiation going to have an even more profound effect than that of the Chernobyl Reactor dissaster .

Back in 2001 Scientists said” there is evidence that low radiation doses can cause multiple changes in human DNA, that are passed on to future generations”.

They found “an unexpectedly high increase” in mutations among children born after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The children were born to parents who had cleaned up the reactor, and were conceived after it exploded.

The scientists do not rule out the possibility of prolonged effects from the mutations.

The scientists, from Israel and Ukraine, report their findings in the Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, a UK journal.

They say that while exposure to ionizing radiation has for a long time been suspected of increasing the mutation load in humans, events like the atomic bombing of Japan “seem not to have yielded significant genetic defects.”

I dread to think the concequencies of the japan earth quake disaster on future children with the radiation escaping from the power plant.


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