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Newborn baby eyesight LOOK!

stages of sensory development – Vision

Newborn – a newborn baby may only be aware of vague shapes, darkness, light and movement. at the age the baby will only be very short sighted, their focus range is only 20-25cm. Babies look longer at patterns than solid colours which tells us that they find patterns more interesting. babies are interested in faces, a few days after birth a baby is able to recognise its mothers face by shape and sound as she feeds and talks to the child. a newborn is sensitive to the intensity of light and will shut their eyes tightly and keep them shut when a bright light is turned on.

3 Months – although a baby of this age will still be short sighted, the baby now has a greater focusing rangeand therefor can see further. The baby will be interested by the enviroment around him. at this age the baby has much time watchinhg it’s own hands when lying on his back.

6 Months – by this age a childs eyes will have learned to work together and the child rearly will look crossed eyed (unless of a defect) the child will move his head to see what he wants to see such as following movement from a person or toy.

1 year – the child is able to focus on an object that is quiet a long way away, and is able to recognise people at a distance. the eyes are able to follow a fast moving object.

2 years – the child is now able to see everything that we can see as adults.

2 and a half plus – the child will show a sence of colour about 2 and a half years of agefrom then on the child will show knowledge of colours, Red and yellow are the first usually to be known then blue and green. by 4 – 5 years a child should be able to recognise all of the colours if not earlier.


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