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my job is a maternity nurse for newborn babies

This week we are looking at jobs working with babies and children. today features  job positions as a uk Maternity Nurse.

What is a maternity nurse? In some countries a maternity nurse is the term used as a midwife. In the Uk a matenity nurse is something totally different. A Uk  maternity nurse is usually self employed, so if this is what you want to take a career in then you need to be familiar with tax national insurance and being registered as self employed with the Inland Revenue.

A maternity nurse can find work unaided but many nursing employment agencies and Nanny Agencies can have maternity nurses signed up on the their books.

A Maternity nurse does not need a qualification but families would look for an experienced one and would choose someone with a relevant childcare/first aid training etc over someone with no training or experience with newborn babies what so ever. 

Specialised training for supporting breastfeeding mums, such as the La Leche League, would also be a good start for potential maternity nurses.

Some nanny schools, such as Norland College, provide excellent training for potential nannies and MNT Training also offers an OCN Maternity Practitioner Award that is recognised as a formal qualification in maternity nursing. This award covers topics related to post natal care for infants and mothers.

A maternity nurse can  work up to six days per week, some maternity nurses may consider themselves night nurses, in which case they would work mostly at nights.

What does the maternity nurse do?

Usually sleeping in the next room or same room as the newborn baby,Offer support to the mother and family in the care of the newborn for approx 6 weeks from birth.Provide light meals for a mum just arrived home from the maternity unit if really poorly, washing babys laundry, night time feeds, bathing and any assitance the family needs in the care of the newborn. The maternity nurse is not there to care for the rest of the family.As the job role is usually only short term a family pays fees  up to £600 a week.


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