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should I get a job as a Nanny with kids

Todays jobs working with children features the role of a Nanny.

Who can be a Nanny ?

Parents needing a nanny to look after their children would prefer someone with a Nursery Nurse qualkification a background with a child care qualification experience and or relevant qualifications to show you are capable in areas such as first aid, cooking.Nanny are usually registered with an employment agency.Many Job vacancies can be found in magazines too such as Lady magazine.

Most agencies and families looking to employ a nanny should expect them to have a childcare qualification although this isn’t a legal requirement. As a  good nanny you should:

  • be able to plan and arrange safe, fun learning activities for chilkdren depending on their age and capabilities.
  •  plan and prepare healthy meals/ snacks
  • have some first aid training for children
  • have a driving licence or start driving 
  • show good organisational skills
  • have an love and a real interest in children as individuals.
  • Be  confident and positive and a friendly personality.
  • have experience of working with children of various ages, in a variety of different work settings.

A live-in nanny lives with the employing family working usually about 50 hours a week over 5 days.The family Generally providing you with living quarters, for live in positions.The family may provide you with a telephone and car, or an allowance for your own vehicle. 

A Nannys role will be  reading to, playing with the children, helping with dressing, ensuring their proper hygiene is met.

A Nanny will  prepare the childrens  meals,and  do children’s laundry.A Nanny’s job role  Can involve transporting them to and from school, organising play activities,  with loving support as a stable responcible  adult whilst in your care.

As a Nanny You generally  provide the parents with regular feedback on the children’s behaviour and how they have spent their day. Most parents like to be involved and know they have been entertained not left alone to play and are doing something worthwhile when they cannot be around.


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